Natural latex

This polymer offers good mechanical performance, even with minimal thickness. In particular, it has good tear and puncture resistance, and it offers good resistance to numerous acids, alkalis, alcohols and ketones.

It also has the advantage of staying supple in cold environments.

N.B.: In certain rare cases, the proteins found in natural latex can cause allergic reactions. In this event, we recommend the use of synthetic materials for sensitised users, such as a nitrile or neoprene glove.Natural latex is not recommended for use in contact with oils, greases, petroleum products, strong oxidising acids and aromatic or chlorinated solvents. The properties of natural latex can be deteriorated by prolonged exposure to light, UV or ozone.Natural latex offers exceptional flexibility and elasticity. Gloves made from natural latex adapt to the shape of the hand, thus maximizing the user's dexterity and comfort.