European legislation and standards

The directives concerning Personal Protective Equipment have the objective to harmonize the legislations of the Member States and to establish the requirements to which the products and their users must comply.
The European standards define the technical specifications required to meet these requirements.
Mapa Professionnel would like to take this opportunity to explain these provisions to you.
The 89/656/CEE (Use) directive describes the requirements to which the employers must fulfil for the supply and the use of PPE by their employees.
The 89/686/CEE (Design) directive describes the essential requirements for selling protective gloves on the European Market.
The whole Mapa Professionnel range is CE certified in conformity with these essential requirements, and their products are CE-marked.


CE certification categories

Category 1: The manufacturer is responsible for the conformity of its products, with respect to the essential requirements of the Directive

Category 2: Certificate of conformity obtained from a notified body

Category 3: Certificate of conformity and regular production inspections on the manufacturer’s premises by the notified bodies

European pictograms