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Innovation Prize for the New Krytech 596

01 August 2013

The new cut protective glove Krytech 596 won the 2013 Innovation Prize during a major French PPE exhibition (Preventica).

Introducing the award winning Krytech Max 596!

Watch the video demonstration of this new glove

Maximum Cut Protection and Precision

The technical thread developed by MAPA offers performance unequalled on the market at this level of dexterity. The unique assembly from several materials gives the glove its high performance. The glove thus offers excellent cut resistance, while remaining thin for good dexterity.


Achieving 3800g in ANSI cut test: 
• Tests show that a weight of just 700g can cut a level 3 glove in a single movement. However, a weight of 3800g is required to cut the new Krytech Max 596 glove.
• Above-standard length for increased arterial protection.

With its thin fabric (gauge 13) and polyurethane (PU) coating, this glove offers the best possible dexterity for protection at ANSI Level 5 cut protection.

Cut Protection - Krytech Max 596 - packshot
Very high-performance cut protection for intricate handling without any compromises ...