T-Cryo Plus AP 36 43 48 53

Reusable Cryogenic Apron to protect from cryogenic gas splashes.

  • Adjustable clip buckles on the collar and waist, available in 4 lengths.
  • Polyester straps at the collar and waist with clip closures.

Specific features

Cryogenic apron made of a special resistant composite coated fabric.


  • Laboratory
    • Manufacturing of medicines
    • Pharmaceutical preparation
  • Other industries
    • Biotechnology
    • Laboratories
  • Transport
    • Handling of liquids at low temperatures (water, oil, hydrocarbons, etc.)

Product details

  • Cat. 3
  • Mechanical hazards EN 388
  • Cold hazards EN 511
Colour Blue
Interior Finish Textile support
Exterior Finish
Length (inches) 36;43;48;53 (4 Lengths)
Thickness (inches) Width 27
Size S M L XL
Packaging 1 /box

Operating instructions

Instructions for use

Suitable for applications handling liquid nitrogen and other cryogenic gases to protect from cold contact and prevent burns from liquid gas leakage. Wear suitable protective clothing at low temperatures. Protect your eyes with a face shield or goggles equipped with lateral protection. Always wear gloves made by non-absorbent materials to handle objects that are or have been in contact with liquid. The gloves should be comfortable and possibly be removed and discarded quickly in case of accidental contact with the liquid. During the transfer operation the use of apron and overshoes is recommended.

Wash affected areas with plenty of warm water and avoid rubbing and removing clothing, do not expose area to direct heat. If there are symptoms of frostbite, injury or extensive damage to the eyes get immediate medical assistance. Until medical assistance arrives protect the affected areas with soft, dry, clean & loosely wrapped material, avoid restricting circulation, keep the patient warm and still, and no alcoholic beverages.

Exposure of the skin to very cold temperatures can cause damage similar to burns, with prolonged exposure frostbite can occur. Inhalation of vapors at low temperature can damage the lungs, cryogenic liquids or vapors can cause eye damage. In contact with cold surfaces (pipes or non-insulated vessels), the skin may adhere very firmly due to the freezing of moisture and tear when you try to remove. Excessive concentrations of oxygen increase the danger of fire and excessive concentrations of other gases, reduces the percentage of oxygen in the environment, creating the danger of asphyxiation.

Storage conditions

Store the apron in their original packaging protected from heat, light and humidity.


Category of PPE: III = Personal Protective Equipment of complex design for “severe” risks. The validity of the present CE-Certificate is to be reconfirmed with the annual production surveillance report issued by the authorized Notified Body, as per Art.11 of the Directive EEC 89/686. This certificate is based on the reference standards listed below: its validity is no longer ensured should new version of the standards come into force.


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