In industrial environments, worker’s hands are exposed to multiple risks such as chemical and cut ones that can cause significant injuries. 

Sometimes, workers face both chemical and cuts hazards which lead them to favour one protection and therefore wear inappropriate gloves or double glove. It significantly decreases their dexterity and is not compliant with PPE policies. 

Also, in chemical environments, the physical properties of a glove can be severely damaged (swelling, hardening, cracks) when handling aggressive chemicals. Therefore, a degradation test was introduced under EN ISO 374-1:2016 standard for all chemical gloves. 

It is an additional important element to consider when assessing the chemical resistance properties of gloves as it enables to determine the behaviour of the materials in contact with chemicals. 

At Mapa Professional, we understand the importance of having the right gloves for the job.

That’s why our R&D teams have addressed these challenges and designed the UltraNitril 410, an advanced protection for the hand and the arm from both CHEMICAL and CUT injuries.




Featured with our brand-new technology: TOPCHEM technology, a specific mix of PVC and nitrile creates a barrier that provides a better degradation performance to acids. Your glove stays in better condition for longer.


Standard nitrile glove after

1 hour contact with sulfuric acid 96%


UltraNitril 410 glove after

1 hour contact with sulfuric acid 96%

The long (35 cm) and foldable cuff provides extra protection and prevent chemicals from flowing down the arm.

The high-visibility liner acts as a chemical indicator to warn the wearer when chemical barrier of the glove is damaged.


The UltraNitril 410 textile support made of performant composite fibres ensures an  ISO LEVEL C cut protection on the hand and the arm.




Providing the appropriate protection is essential, but at MAPA PROFESSIONAL we also consider the comfort of the wearer.

UltraNitril 410 offers close fit to the hand for enhanced comfort to the wearer. The special design provides good suppleness for ease of movement and prevents hand fatigue.

With its reinforced grip, our glove ensures optimal grip for handling wet or oily components.

Our glove also has durability features: it is enduring thanks to abrasion level 4 and has a good mechanical resistance that allows a longer wearing time.


Do not favour chemical or cut protection, opt for both with ULTRANITRIL 410 and keep your glove in better condition for longer!


Ideal for a variety of applications where both chemical and cut protection are required in oily or wet work environments.

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