Comfort and dexterity are highly important for all workers wearing gloves. By ensuring that gloves offer the highest levels of comfort and dexterity, it allows that hand fatigue is kept a minimum. 

To meet the needs of our customers Mapa Professional’s R&D experts have designed a new range of ultra-lightweight gloves. 

The ULTRA COMFORT RANGE gloves deliver superb levels of comfort, optimal breathability, and excellent dexterity. 

What brings ultra-comfort to the user? 


Our gloves are knitted with advanced 18-gauge liner technology with a lightweight feel that provides excellent all-day comfort and freedom of movement to the user. The more meshes per inch combined with our high-quality technical yarns enable the gloves to better fit the shape of the hand creating a second skin effect. This higher gauge liner is more flexible and helps reduce hand fatigue. 




This technique is used to reduce skin irritations
due to cut technical fibres. This will provide
optimal comfort to users by ensuring to wrap the
rough fibres with a more comfortable yarn.


This technique is used to ensure better comfort
inside the glove. This allows us to structure the
knitting pattern: from 2 knitted thread, we can
orient the softest yarns inside and the technical
yarns outside of the glove. We always privilege
the softest thread in contact with the skin.

Beyond being comfortable, our ultra-comfort range presents two other main benefits to the wearers. 


Excellent dexterity at the fingertips and high suppleness with no compromise on durability thanks to the flexible thin liner. 



The balance between a super thin liner and the micro-foam nitrile coating provides 360° breathability to the hand of the user. Due to the seamless knit and ventilated back, the glove allows for great ventilation. 

Which gloves do we have in ultra-comfort mechanical range? 

We are committed to offering the best solutions to protect workers, as such we have made no compromise on cut protection. Our precision work gloves are therefore cut-resistant from ISO level A to D


ULTRANE 681: mechanical glove ultra-lightweight working glove for general-purpose work.

KRYTECH 692, 693 & 694: gloves providing with higher cut levels.

They feature high visible yellow liner that ensures workers hands are seen from a distance in all conditions especially in low lighting situations. Safety is then increased in industries that require additional visibility and safety measures.

Also, these gloves benefit extra durability and protection thanks to a crotch reinforcement between the thumb and the index. Productivity is then increased, and costs reduced.



All the ultra-comfort range is compatible with any type of touch screens and washable 1 time at 40°

The ultra-comfort range is ideal for a wide range of applications and industries in dry or slightly oily environments.


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