Safety, comfort & enhanced durability 

Nowadays, in industrial environments, when conducting manual handling tasks plenty of key features are required when it comes to protective gloves: comfort, dexterity, breathability, lightweight on top of standardised  elements. 

Basically, wearing gloves that are not comfortable, heavy, sweaty, itchy for hours is difficult and some workers may prefer not to wear them. 

We developed the KryTech 609 & KryTech 809, black gloves for  general-purpose work requiring light cut level B resistance. 



The gloves are easy to don and provide a fresh feel on the skin thanks to the liner made with HDPE multi-filament. 

An advanced platting knitting technology allows the softer yarns to be in contact with the skin for good wearing comfort and flexibility


To go further, we strive about reduction of waste and costs savings for buyers, therefore our gloves are durable. 

  • Washable up to 5 times at 40°C allowing to extend glove lifespan 

  • The resistant polyurethane palm coating provides a good durability  

  • Dark colour limits glove staining visibility and supports a longer lasting use in dirty environments 



KryTech 809 is even more lasting thanks to a reinforced nitrile crotch between thumb and index that protects the glove from any early damage in this very exposed


Silicone free to prevent traces, defects on metal sheet and glass prior to painting 

Available from small sizes (5) to large sizes (11) 

Optimised individual packaging so as to limit plastic waste 


KryTech 609 & KryTech 809, the ideal gloves for a wide range of industries & applications in dry & dirty environments, with no compromise on suppleness and durability.

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