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Find the most appropriate hand protection with Mapa-pro:

Choose a hand protection type:

Selecting the appropriate hand protection is critical in the work environment.

Hand Protection selection can be very confusing due to the wide range of glove styles available.  The new Mapa Hand Protection Selection Guide will assist you with the glove selection process.


Select type of protection necessary for your environment:

  • DisposableDisposable gloves to protect hands and products during delicate work
  • Liquidproof protectionFor prolonged contact with mildly aggressive liquids
  • Chemical protectionA solution for every situation, due to a complete range classified by polymer
  • Handling protectionTo resist injuries endured during general handling work (Precision work / Heavy-duty work)
  • Cut protectionSolutions adapted to all hazardous cutting situations (Precision work / Heavy-duty work)
  • Thermal protectionFor low temperature environments and hot / cold contacts
  • Critical environmentsSolutions to ensure the protection of both operators and the products they handle (controlled and confined environments)

Choose a hand protection by activity:

Food Industry, Construction Industry, Local Government Authorities and Critical Environments each face specific constraints and risks.


MAPA Professional utilizes all their knowledge to provide a range of products for each specific task depending on the sector. These products answer the requirements of worker & product protection, comfort, health & safety for each job. 


Select an activity to view glove recommendations:


  • Food industryMaximum hygiene and strict compliance with regulations regarding food contact
  • Construction industryA suitable protection for all the jobs in the construction industry ( masons, painters, carpenters, plumbers, tilers, metalworkers,...)
  • Local authoritiesThe most suitable protection for each activity (cleaning, catering services, technical maintenance, roads and Highways, ...)
  • Automotive manufacturingFind the right Mapa glove that fits your optimum protection needs for the automative manufacturing chain