🧤 Handling & 🔪 cut protection

Discover our Ultrane 527

A glove with detachable fingers to avoir risk of entanglement by a rotating tool
Download (PDF - 1.03 Mb)

Discover our ResiComfort Technology

A range of protective gloves with enhanced durability & optimal comfort offering cut protection from level A to EDownload (PDF - 8.97 Mb)

Discover our NEW Ultrane 641

Touch screen friendly glove with ResiComfort Technology : comfort, dexterity, resistance and skin protection !Download (PDF - 622 kb)

Discover our Ultrane 524

Especially designed for protection of electronic device from ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD)
Download (PDF - 6.19 Mb)

Discover our ULTRA COMFORT range

A range of protective gloves with or without high viz for enhanced comfort & dexterity. Cut protection from level A to DDownload (PDF - 8.40 Mb)


Download (PDF - 1.03 Mb)

🧪 Chemical protection

Discover our UltraNitril 410 combining CHEMICAL & CUT protection

Download (PDF - 5.00 Mb)

🗑 Disposable gloves

Discover our NEW SOLO BLACK 935

A multi-purpose black disposable gloveDownload (PDF - 1.25 Mb)

💧 Liquidproof protection

Discover our NEW Colour-Coded range

Colour-Coded Microfibres & gloves to ensure proper & safe cleaningDownload (PDF - 1.53 Mb)

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