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Take aways :

  • EN 420 became EN ISO 21420: 2020
  • EN ISO 21420 additionally applies to : mittens, pot holders & arm protectors
  • Innocuousness

    • limited content of DMFa (Dimethylformamide)​ in PU gloves - shall not exceed 1000 mg/kg

    • limited content of PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons)  in the rubber of platsic materials - shall not exceed 1mg/kg

  • Electrostatic properties

    • for ATEX area : NEW pictogram that shall be labeled on the gloves. The electrostatic properties shall be tested according to the EN 16350 standard (test method EN1149-2).

    • for other electrostatic properties : no pictogram. EN 1149-1 or EN 1149-3 test methods should be used.

  • Gloves sizing : No more minimum length required

  • Glove marking : For a better manufacturing batch traceability, gloves shall be marked with : manufacturing date & obsolescence date, if applicable.

    • Information that manufacturer shall supply on instructions for use :

      • Natural rubber content warning

      • Donning,  doffing & glove adjustment instructions

      • Comfort & hygiene

      • Protection from contamination

  • IMPORTANT : The EU certificates obtained with the former EN 420 remain valid.

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