BEFORE: Standard EN 374: 2003

NOW: Standard EN ISO 374-1: 2016

Protective gloves against chemicals

It is based on three test methods:

  • Penetration test in accordance with standard EN 374-2: 2014
  • Permeation test in accordance with standard EN 16523-1: 2015 which replaces standard EN 374-3
  • Degradation test in accordance with standard EN 374-4: 2013. 

To be able to claim protection against a chemical of the list, permeation and from now degradation tests must be carried out. The results of the degradation test must appear in the information leaflet.


1 pictogram & 3 types of glove

6 new chemicals have been added to the list of hazardous compounds

The standard EN ISO 374-5: 2016

Protective gloves against micro-organisms

Gloves must pass the penetration resistance test in accordance with standard EN 374-2: 2014. The possibility of claiming protection against viruses was added, if the glove passes ISO 16604: 2004 (method B) test.


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Revision of standard EN 374


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